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UFO sightings have been reported for centuries, but can it be proven that they really do exist? Perhaps the reported sightings could be fake or maybe just an airplane that's passing by. Many objects on the ground and in the sky can be explained with a reasonable and conventional explanation. In most cases, observers are simply not familiar with different types of aircraft and weather phenomena, leading them to believe that it is a UFO that they're seeing. This is especially common from those who believe in UFOs and have a fascination with them. While it is important not to jump to conclusions at the first otherworldly object that you see in the sky, there is a small chance that it really could be a UFO. Studies have shown that around 95% of UFO sightings have been proven to be helicopters, airplanes, flares and different types of weather. However, there is that 5% that is uncounted for, leaving no explanation for what was seen in the sky that night.

Many who believe in UFOs are familiar with the vast size of our universe and the amount of stars and planet that are in orbit. It is sometimes hard to believe that Earth is the only planet with life forms. Somewhere on another planet or in a galaxy far away, could be humans or extra terrestrials that have the means to create their own aircraft, known as UFOs. While physics determines that it is simply not possible to travel at that great of a distance, we are unsure of what other life forms are capable of creating. Think about Earth and the discovery of electricity to the present day technology that we are using. Some may have thought that what he have today would never be possible. With the right amount of time and energy, it is completely possible that life forms on other planets have discovered how to travel great distances.

UFOs have a reputation of being completely fake and made up. Something that you would only see in the movies. UFO sightings are typically ridiculed in the media and could be a complete career suicide for pilots, radar operators and government officials to report such a sighting. These types of workers may have more knowledge about the subject than average person and would be able to provide further insight on UFO subject if they felt that others would actually believe them. Many pilots have even claimed to have seen strange objects flying in the sky while they are flying their plane. Objects that could not easily be explained. Although pilots may see these objects, it is rarely reported because it could cost them their job. However, when it is reported by a pilot, there could be a greater likeliness that it is true because they are more familiar with the sky than the everyday human. We understand the severity of the issue that pilots and other workers could face if reporting a sighting. At our website, pilots, government officials and every day citizens are welcome and encouraged to share their stories on strange flying objects that they have once witnessed. You can submit your UFO report anonymously, complete with photos or video evidence proving your sighting.

We aim to gather more information on the subject and prove that there really is extraterrestrial life out there. Comments on each report are monitored on a day to day basis to keep the ridicule far away. We are not associated with any government organization and simply hope to shed some light on the subject through real photographic and video proof. Whether you have seen a UFO before or not, you can come here to learn more about them, common places that they have been spotted and much more. These stories may even change your opinion on the existence of UFOs.